Which skills does an Italian Content Writer must have?

Which skills does an Italian Content Writer must have?

Today I want to share with you this amazing infographic from Content Network, that I think is the best answer to the question.

I find this infographic perfect, it explains completely the great complexity of this job.

Sometimes is true, a picture’s worth a thousand words!

Don’t you think?



Working as a freelance: pros and cons

I’m working as Italian content writer freelance since four years now. I love my job, but as every profession there are problems.

I’ve decided to create a list of pro and cons of being an Italian content writer freelance for two reasons: to help other freelance to understand our job but also to help the client to understand my position. I think that if we try to understand each other, it’s better for everyone.

Pros of being Italian content writer freelance

I’m a positive person, I like to see the glass half full, so I prefer to start from the pros of being an Italian content writer freelance.

First of all, I can manage my time. I never get to run to the office every morning to work for somebody else. I don’t have fixed working hours and this allows me to manage my time. Of course, I’ve to respect deadline, but I will talk about this later.

Second, I get to decide which job I’m going to do and which not. Of course, as I’ve written in my article about how my job works, I use to accept to help almost every client, but I can always decide to don’t accept jobs that I prefer to avoid, for example offensive content. You can’t do this if you work for somebody else!

Third, all the satisfactions are mine! As I work by myself, I get to take all the compliments, but, of course also al the complaints – that luckily are not lots!

Cons of being an Italian content writer freelance

Of course, my job as also cons.

First of all, if I don’t work, I don’t earn. I don’t have paid holidays and many times I’ve worked on vacation, because there are projects that don’t stop, that are ongoing.

Second, I’ve to respect the deadline. It’s true that I can manage my time – for example this morning I went for a long walk with my dog without looking at my watch. But many times I get to work on Sunday or even during the night because I’ve to deliver articles with a specific deadline.

Third, not everybody respects my job. Many people don’t understand that this is a real job, that requires a lot of time, competences and professionalism.


Anyway, I still love my job and I think I’ll be an Italian content writer freelance still for a long time.

Do you agree with me?

How my job as Italian content writer works?


I’ve decided to write this short guide on how my job as Italian content writer works to let you know exactly how we are going to work together.

First step: I receive your email

The first step is always an email, phone call or skype call that I receive from you. Normally during this first contact, you will explain me what can I do for your website or blog.

Second step: my answer

I will never answer you “I’m sorry, I can’t help you”. This never happened and never will. What is probably is that I’m going to make you a lot of question about your project, to better understand what do you need.

Third step: research

I spend a lot of time doing research. This is a crucial moment of my job as Italian content writer as I need it to know everything about the subject I’m going to write.

Fourth step: creativity

This is probably the step I love more as Italian content writer. Finally, I get to create, to write your article, a brand new, fresh and original article. Of course, you decide the final style of the article, and my job is to understand your needs.

Final step: your ok

Now the article is ready to be published and I’m going to send it to you. But, don’t worry, my job as Italian content writer is not over. You read the article and if you are not satisfied just let me know, I’ll fix what you don’t like.

Still have doubt? Just contact me!

hiring native italian content writer

Why Hiring an Italian Web Content Writer

I’m pretty sure that many of you are thinking “Why should I hire an Italian Web Content Writer?”

Well, there are many reasons why you should!

  • Don’t use automatic translator

First of all, never ever translate your content with an automatic translator. NEVER! I can assure you, it’s a really annoying trying to read a page written using an automatic translator. Annoying and useless, as an Italian reader will close this page in 3 seconds and you’ll lose a business opportunity.

Creating a content in this way is like to say to Italian reader “I really don’t care about you.” Well, if you don’t care, just don’t create an Italian version of your website.

  • Not just simple translation task

Writing or translating something for your Italian website as nothing to do with simple translation. When writing or translating in Italian, you need to focus on your Italian audience, understand the culture and the specific needs. Make a good translation is a science, but also an art.

  • Enter a big market

Italy has almost 61 million of inhabitants: a pretty huge market! Maybe you should consider creating a website in Italian for your business and starting reach so many new potential clients. It’s not so hard and you can have a big outcome. Don’t’ know how to start? No problem, contact me, I’m here to handle this.

  • Only native writer

If you have decided that it’s time to start your “Italian Adventure”, then entrust only to a Native Italian Web Content Writer. Only someone that was born, raised and educated in Italy can really create a good content your website needs, understanding Italian culture and Italian audience needs.

  • Web Writing is different

Maybe you already have printed materials in Italian and you’re thinking of using those materials also for your website. I’m sorry, this will not work. Writing for a blog or a website it’s not the same than writing a brochure. And only a real Web Content Writer can know the differences and create the right content your website needs.


Still have doubts? Do not hesitate to send me an email, I’ll answer all the questions you might have.