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New Adventure: Just My Dog is Born


I’m happy to announce a new adventure: my new website is online!

On Just My Dog I write about one of my biggest passion, dogs. Being a passionate dog behaviorist and a professional web content writer, I decided to open a blog to support who like me as to deal with a “special” dog.

My dog, Argos, is a “pure” mixed breed. He looks like a mix of Rottweiler and German Shepard, but he’s little and barks like a Beagle and he runs like a Greyhound. Who knows… For sure he has a really bad personality, but he’s also capable to surprise with an unexpected sweetness. He’s very clever and he has strong social competences with other dogs.

Our life is not easy, as the behavioral problems of Argos are hard to deal with. But I do my best to “live my imperfect life with my special dog”.

Do you want to know more? Visit https://justmydog.com/en/ or contact me!