Price list of an Italian content writer

Are you wondering how much does it costs to hire me?


If you search on my website, there is something you will never find: the price list.

This may sound strange to someone, but there’s a reason why I’ve chosen not to put down a price list of my services as Italian content writer and translator.

Every work is different!

Yes, that’s the reason. Every article, every blog post, every translation is not the same as another done before. There are 5 points that I need to know before to make the price of a service:

  • How long does this collaboration will continue?
  • How long must be the article?
  • How many articles/blog post do you need?
  • Do you need SEO optimization?
  • Do I have to make research?

Point 1- I’ve put this point first because it affects all the others. If a client contacts me to write an article, let’s say 1000 words without SEO (very strange) of an argument in which I’m expert, I’ll probably make just a mathematical count, let’s say 0.05 € per word it means an amount of 50 €. But this count completely changes if the client says “I’m going to need 1 article per week, for the next months.” This is called continuous collaboration and this makes me so happy that I’m going to make a huge discount to this project.

Point 2-3-4 and 5 helps to understand how much time I’ll need to write the article and this helps me to make the price.

Sometime, for a particular project that I care for or that are very interesting to me I don’t even make this kind of calculations, accepting also proposal from the client himself.

So, the point is you will not find a price list of my services as Italian web writer and translator. The only way to know the cost of a project is to contact me, I promise I won’t bite! And don’t be afraid of making your proposal, I may accept!