Working as a freelance: pros and cons

I’m working as Italian content writer freelance since four years now. I love my job, but as every profession there are problems.

I’ve decided to create a list of pro and cons of being an Italian content writer freelance for two reasons: to help other freelance to understand our job but also to help the client to understand my position. I think that if we try to understand each other, it’s better for everyone.

Pros of being Italian content writer freelance

I’m a positive person, I like to see the glass half full, so I prefer to start from the pros of being an Italian content writer freelance.

First of all, I can manage my time. I never get to run to the office every morning to work for somebody else. I don’t have fixed working hours and this allows me to manage my time. Of course, I’ve to respect deadline, but I will talk about this later.

Second, I get to decide which job I’m going to do and which not. Of course, as I’ve written in my article about how my job works, I use to accept to help almost every client, but I can always decide to don’t accept jobs that I prefer to avoid, for example offensive content. You can’t do this if you work for somebody else!

Third, all the satisfactions are mine! As I work by myself, I get to take all the compliments, but, of course also al the complaints – that luckily are not lots!

Cons of being an Italian content writer freelance

Of course, my job as also cons.

First of all, if I don’t work, I don’t earn. I don’t have paid holidays and many times I’ve worked on vacation, because there are projects that don’t stop, that are ongoing.

Second, I’ve to respect the deadline. It’s true that I can manage my time – for example this morning I went for a long walk with my dog without looking at my watch. But many times I get to work on Sunday or even during the night because I’ve to deliver articles with a specific deadline.

Third, not everybody respects my job. Many people don’t understand that this is a real job, that requires a lot of time, competences and professionalism.


Anyway, I still love my job and I think I’ll be an Italian content writer freelance still for a long time.

Do you agree with me?