How my job as Italian content writer works?


I’ve decided to write this short guide on how my job as Italian content writer works to let you know exactly how we are going to work together.

First step: I receive your email

The first step is always an email, phone call or skype call that I receive from you. Normally during this first contact, you will explain me what can I do for your website or blog.

Second step: my answer

I will never answer you “I’m sorry, I can’t help you”. This never happened and never will. What is probably is that I’m going to make you a lot of question about your project, to better understand what do you need.

Third step: research

I spend a lot of time doing research. This is a crucial moment of my job as Italian content writer as I need it to know everything about the subject I’m going to write.

Fourth step: creativity

This is probably the step I love more as Italian content writer. Finally, I get to create, to write your article, a brand new, fresh and original article. Of course, you decide the final style of the article, and my job is to understand your needs.

Final step: your ok

Now the article is ready to be published and I’m going to send it to you. But, don’t worry, my job as Italian content writer is not over. You read the article and if you are not satisfied just let me know, I’ll fix what you don’t like.

Still have doubt? Just contact me!


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